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Lewy Body Disease/Dementia (LBD) and Covid-19

With all of the news about the coronavirus and Covid-19 here are some things that families with members who have Lewy Body Disease/Dementia (LBD) should keep in mind:

  • Older adults and those with serious, chronic health conditions are at increased risk for getting very sick from this illness. Some people with LBD fall into both categories, so it is especially important to reduce the risk of exposure for some people with LBD.

  • People with Lewy Body Dementia may have a harder time understanding public health messages about coronavirus. Instructions to reduce risks, such as self-isolation or handwashing, may be more difficult for them to follow. Care partners can help by staying calm, providing reassurance, and providing help to reduce exposure risks.

  • Be understanding of any limitations placed on visits to long term and elder care facilities. Limits may be put in place to minimize the risk to all residents who are at a heightened risk from the virus.

To learn more about Lewy Body Disease/Dementia and specifically how those may be affected please visit:

Lewy Body Dementia Association (US) Coronavirus Web page -

Lewy Body Disease (Australia) Web page -

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