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It Takes a Village - a dementia-inclusive intentional community

(photo courtesy of ABC News: Mitch Woolnough)

Many families who care for family members with dementia often have a dilemma - how to properly provide the many needs that are required to support the patient and family member in a setting that is comfortable for them, feels like home, and provides the support and protection needed.

A new concept village is close to completion in Hobart, Tasmania, where residents live in freshly painted houses (each with its own distinctive hue), with easily accessible lighted pathway that residents can safely wander in the confined of the enclosed village. There is a cafe, a general store, health-case providers on site, and even a hairdresser.

The Korongee Dementia Village in Hobart has been thoughtfully built as dementia-inclusive, with distinctive touches throughout such as memory boxes and use of technology to assist community members become comfortable with their surroundings.

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