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Giving Thanks

What a year it has been. As we wind down this tumultuous year we want to acknowledge the many who have stood by our side, and continue to do so as we enter our fourth year at the Initiative. We are grateful for what we have accomplished together, and are looking forward to 2021!

First and foremost, we did not anticipate at the beginning of this year that most all of our work this year would be in Australia. We opened our offices in February and anticipated that we would happily jaunt back and forth between Atlanta and Melbourne. Covid-19 hit within weeks of our opening, and the decision was quickly made to focus our energies in Australia and ride out the storm! It was a great decision but came with much angst and stress on our staff.

Second of all, we would not be here at all if it were not for the generosity of Coz Branding LLC, a marketing firm that our founders are partners in. Joining forces just made sense for a number of reason, the most obvious being that we collectively could get more accomplished it we combined resources. With staff and volunteers not traveling internationally it also made sense from a home base standpoint.

Our work this year has focused on access issues, and we are grateful to be involved with the deaf community in Australia, learning Auslan, and sharing best practices in the community relating to access, hazing & bullying. We look to build on that work in 2021.

We also have a new partnership which we will be announcing in the new year! Thank you for supporting us and our mission and our sincere wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season.


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