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Bad Actors Will Still Continue Bad Habits Online - Are you prepared for cyber hazing?

OPINION - As schools transition to online learning, and make the hard decisions of how or when to come back to campus, traditional on-campus student activities are also being looked at for upcoming terms.

The concept of a virtual campus, whether as a short-term solution, a long-term solution or a permanent blended solution will be on the table. How does this affect student groups, sports clubs, fraternity and sorority recruitment? What positives are achieved with an online solution? What bad habits could unintentionally translate?

We have long talked about hazing and bullying - the similarities and differences - and the recognition of the damages caused by cyber bullying. Endless studies and books have been published on hazing in social fraternities and sororities around the globe. But what about cyber hazing? It's a term already defined in Urban Dictionary (you know, that prescient view into what is happening before us oldies become aware :)

Schools in the US have been working on Fall semester, and now are starting to talk about Fall activities and virtual recruitment:

Greek life works to overcome challenges with recruitment through COVID-19 (29 April, 2020)

Stanford Greek organizations to host virtual recruitment (23 April, 2020)

What might this mean for pledging, intake and recruitment? What dangerous initiation practices do we need to be prepared for and have prevention strategies in place to combat? It's potentially the next wave - better to be prepared in advance.

*Opinion piece by Emily Ni Pualwan, Founder, Global Hazing and Wellness Initiative

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