Global Hazing & Wellness Initiative, a division of Coz Branding LLC
Melbourne, VIC - A Global Initiative in safe sports and social activities for all, with a special focus on those in underserved communities, and in elder and indigenous populations. Current work in AUSLAN, access to care/service for language, learning & communication barriers; and anti-hazing & bullying initiatives.


The Global Hazing and Wellness Initiative was founded in 2017 with the intent of sharing best-practices and exploring the meaning and influence of social activities in our daily lives, how those interactions can result in both positive and life-affirming benefits; and understanding that with these benefits, there can be negative human behaviors that may affect performance, team-building, and camaraderie. These behaviors can manifest themselves in actions such as hazing and bullying, both of which, if not identified and stopped, can become a dangerous part of the culture.

Hazing and bullying in sports and social activities affects people of all ages - from youth, to young adults, professionals and retirees. A particular focus on our initiatives has been exploring these negative behaviors where they are often overlooked - in young adults from minority populations, those from marginalized communities, adults and retirees and aged care communities.

As part of this initiative we have focused on practices and research in the US, Australia, the UK and the Netherlands, with visits with universities and experts, student affairs professionals, visits with students, aging and dementia experts, and sports teams and clubs. Our mission is to share best practices, shine a light on an often hidden issue, and provide resources and a place to turn for those wishing to learn more or seek help.


Global Hazing and Wellness Initiative

a division of Coz Branding LLC

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E. Ni Pualwan, Co-Founder, Partner & Principal

Ms. Pualwan is a leader with a career in prevention, education, awareness, advocacy and engagement. As Partner and Principal of Coz Branding™, LLC, she oversees the US operations of a global marketing and communications company serving the US and Australia. As President of Harbor NEXT!™  she oversees professional education and student-centric services, focusing on students from culturally-based and minority backgrounds. Her six year career in hazing prevention as the CEO of HazingPrevention.Org has allowed her to focus on sports-safety issues with bullying and hazing at all levels - from student sports, to professional and recreational activities. She is former VP, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network; and former National Publisher for American Cancer Society, Inc. She serves on the national board of directors for Lewy Body Dementia Association, Inc, and on the Advisory Board for the US Center for SafeSport.


Ms. Pualwan has authored, edited and published more than 25 books and articles over the course of her career, and launched a number of book publishing imprints. Her expertise includes volunteerism and public policy in healthcare, student safety, sports safety, eldercare/dementia and higher education. Ms. Pualwan has a deep personal interest in dementia research and patient advocacy and has experienced in her family the struggles that those with dementia and their caregivers face on a daily basis.